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PATA Japan Chapter 55th Anniversary Reception

■ Date / Time: Thursday, 16th February, 2017 / From 18:30
■ Venue: Palace Hotel Tokyo 2F “UME”  
■ Participation Fee: 8,000 yen per person

PATA Japan Chapter Year-end Seminar/Reception

  • Date: Wednesday, December 9th 2015
  • Time:16:00 - 17:30 (Seminar) / 17:30 – 19:30 (Reception)
  • Speaker: Mr. Hiroki Jinnnai, Director, Tourism Promotion Division, Google
  • Place: Tokyo AP Marunouchi (Seminar) / FINN McCOOL’S (Reception)
For details including application, please contact PATA Japan Chapter Secretariat by e-mail;

PATA Travel Mart 2015

7th PATA "Exchange of Opinions" Luncheon

■ Date: February 16, 2015 (Monday)
■ Time: 1200 ~
■ Venue: Rihga Royal Hotel Tokyo 1F / Dining Ferio
■ Address: 1-104-19 Totsuka-machi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-8613, Japan
■ Tel: (03) 5285-1121
■ Access:
■ Participation Fee: 1,500yen per person (soft drinks/non-alcoholic beverages included)
■ Reservation name: PATA Japan Chapter
■ Application: via email - Please list a group, a company name, a participant name, participant title with the subject "7th PATA "Exchange of Opinions" luncheon".
Application deadline: February 13, 2015 (Friday)

PATA Japan Chapter Year-end Seminar and Reception will be held as below:

■ Date: 22nd December, 2014 (Monday)
■ Time: 1500 – 1700 Seminar / 17:00 – 1900 Reception
■ Venue: Seminar/Kioi Forum, New Otani Garden Court 1F
Reception/ Gun Ship, New Otani Garden Court 4F

Please contact PATA Japan Chapter Secretariat for further details including application.
(e-mail :

PATA Travel Mart 2014
Click here for details (in Japanese).

PATA Travel Mart 2013
Please click here for details.

PATA Japan Chapter "Tourism Seminar & Year-End Party"

■  Date/Time: 20th December, Thursday  /  Seminar: 1600 - 1730   Year-End Party: 1730 - 1930

■ Place:  Seminar: JATA Meeting Room

Year-End Party:  BARBARA market place325

■ Speaker: Mr. Takahiro Kobayashi, Senior Vice President, Regional Planning Dept. Development Bank of Japan Inc.

■ Guest: Mr. Takashi Kato, Vice Commissioner for International Affairs, Japan Tourism Agency

For application and further details, please contact PATA Japan Chapter Secretariat via

PATA Annual Conference 2012
Venue: Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
Date: 21-22 April, 2012

PATA Japan Chapter 50th Anniversary AGM
Venue: Tokyo
Date: 28 May, 2012

PATA Travel Mart 2012
Venue: Manila / Philippines
Date: 25-28 September, 2012

PTM 2012

PATA Adventure Travel and Responsible Tourism
Conference and Mart (AT&RTCM)

Paro, Bhutan
February 3-7, 2012

PATA Travel Mart 2011
PATA Travel Mart 2011

PATA 60th Anniversary and Conference

PATA 60th Anniversary and Conference

April 9~12, 2011
China World Hotel, Beijing, China

PATA Annual Meeting 2010

Venue: Kuching, Sarawak
Date: 23 – 26 April 2010

The PATA Annual Meeting 2010 in Kuching features 'Meeting of Minds Tourism Seminar: Strategies, Realities and Charting the Course of Meeting Tourism Challenges.' This one-day event, staged a cooperation with the PATA Malaysia Chapter, includes an impressive combination of local and international speakers.

The schedule for the PATA Annual Meeting 2010 also embraces the PATA Annual General Meeting, PATA Foundation activities, workshops for PATA Chapters, PATA Board and category committee meeting. >>more

PATA Japan Chapter 2010 New Year's Seminar/Reception

Date: 22 January, 2010

Venue: Japan Association of Travel Agents


- 15:00-17:00 Seminar
1) Mr. Ryuji Funayama, Chairman, Tourism Industry Association of Japan
2) Tourism Agency (TBA)

- 17:00- 18:30 Reception

For further information, please contact PATA Japan Chapter Secretariat:

PATA Travel Mart 2009

Welcome to PATA Travel Mart 2009!

PATA Travel Mart 2009
September 22-25
Hangzhou, China (PRC)

PATA Annual Meeting 2009
MGM Grand, April 17-21, Macau, SAR
>> more (pdf)

PATA Tourism Strategy Forum 2008
As highlighted in recent News@PATA editions, PATA will be hosting an upcoming industry event in China. The PATA Tourism Strategy Forum 2008 will focus on discussion and presentation of best practice in research and its application in the development and execution of tourism strategy. Over two days delegates will have the opportunity to attend five informative and interactive workshops and also network with industry colleagues. The goal of the forum is to create greater awareness and understanding among senior-level researchers and planners in the travel and tourism industry about the links between research and strategy.

The forum will be held in Kunming, China (PRC), on 30 October-1 November 2008.

Target delegate audience are mid-to-senior level research, marketing and planning professionals from national, state/provincial and regional tourism boards, airlines, hotels, airports and major tour operators. PATA is not charging delegate fees, we have negotiated discounted accommodation rates and we will be covering most delegate meals. Prospective delegates will be required to cover their own airfares. Space is limited and registrations close September 26th.

Log on to for full programme details and registration information.

* Space is limited; registration closes September 26th, 2008 *

PATA Travel Mart 2008
September 16-19
Hyderabad International Convention Centre (HICC)
Hyderabad, India

Visit the PATA Japan Chapter blog to see comments and photos!

PATA Travel Mart 2007
September 25-28
Bali International Convention Centre (BICC)
Bali, Indonesia

As Asia Pacific travel and tourism grows, so does PATA Travel Mart!

PATA Japan Chapter 2005 Annual General Meeting
The PATA Japan Chapter held its 2005 AGM on Wednesday 23rd, June at the Hotel New Otani Tokyo, a PATA Japan Chapter member. The AGM was well attended, with over 54 Chapter members and representatives present. The event began with a meeting of the Board of Directors, and was followed by the AGM proper, providing a run down of events from the past year, as well as proposals and ideas for the coming year. The PATA Japan Chapter was also delighted to have the opportunity to welcome two important guests from Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MLIT). Mr. Naoki Fujii, Senior Director of International Tourism Promotion Division of MLIT made a speech how best the government could promote the tourism in working together with PATA. Mr. Fujii attended the PATA Macau Conference with Mr. Hayao Hora, Vice Minister for International Affairs of MLIT to experience PATA's biggest event through the year. Mr. Nobutaka Ishikure, Chairman of PATA Japan Chapter (and PATA Headquarters) commented that both of Messrs. Hora and Fujii could be convinced of PATA's value and as a result the Japan Government is seeking the way to be involved in PATA more and more in liaison with “Visit Japan Campaign”. The AGM was followed by an informal reception with the pleasure of welcoming Mr. Makoto Washizu, Deputy Vice Minister for Tourism Policy of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. At the reception, a special ice carving containing the PATA Japan Chapter Logo was displayed and all the participants were requested to gather to take a memorial photograph, which could be a symbol of the strong unity.

Ice Carving Participants

2005 PATA Annual Conference (2005 PAC) in Macau
The 54th PATA Annual Conference, under the theme of “Connecting Tourism's Stakeholders”, will be held from April 17th to 21st, 2005 in Macau. The Macau Government Tourist Office has made a presentation to PATA Hong Kong Chapter members inviting them to see Macau and to hear about its recent developments. Macau and neighbouring Hong Kong will be cooperating to provide pre- and post-Conference tours to 2005 PAC participants.

PATA Japan Chapter Annual Conference
The PATA Japan Chapter Annual Conference will be held on May 18, 2004, from 4pm at the New Takanawa Prince Hotel.

53rd Annual Logo 53rd PATA Annual Conference
“Tourism is Everybody’s Business”
April 18-24, 2004 Jeju Island, Korea

The 53rd PATA Annual Conference will take place April 18-24 at the International Convention Center Jeju, Jeju Island, Korea. The PATA Annual Conference has always been the leading annual convention of top-level international travel and tourism decision-makers, and the 53rd event will continue this tradition, offering opportunities to network and learn more about the dynamic travel industry. convention center

waterfall The theme for this year's conference is “Tourism is Everybody's Business”, something that has become all the more evident during the difficult times that the travel industry has recently had to face. The conference program will address the reasons why everybody has a stake in tourism, no matter what their goals are.

The 52nd PATA Annual Conference, held last year in Bali, enjoyed an incredible turnout considering the multiple crises that befell the travel industry in the six months leading up to the conference. As business climbs back to normal levels, the 53rd conference will provide the perfect opportunity to reflect on the challenging lessons the industry has had to learn over the past two years and cast them into strategies and plans for the future. sunset

Who attends the PATA Annual Conference?
  • Stalwart supporters of the Pacific Asia Travel Association
  • Leaders and members of PATA's 70-plus worldwide chapters
  • Tourism ministers, national tourism organization leaders and chief executives
  • Opinion leaders in Pacific Asia’s public- and private-sector travel industry
  • Young tourism professionals in Pacific Asia's public- and private-sector travel industry
  • Heads of travel- and tourism-related associations, businesses, corporations and institutions
  • Company representatives conducting business in Pacific Asia travel and tourism
  • Company representatives looking to enter the Pacific Asia travel and tourism market
  • Individuals who wish to establish new business contacts or renew old friendships
  • Individuals who seek out travel trends, data and tools for business development
  • Travel journalists, writers and photographers
Why attend the PATA Annual Conference?
  • Profit from a week of value-packed networking and educational opportunities
  • Gain time-saving, money-making and business-building advice
  • Benefit from a series of thought-provoking sessions
  • Sharpen your competitive edge
  • Reach international and targeted media through media briefings, interviews and free press kit distribution (exclusive to PATA members)
  • Rejuvenate strategies in a knowledge-based environment
  • Revitalize management skills and ideas
  • Enjoy special pre- and post-Conference tours at attractive rates
  • Experience the host country’s cultural performances, entertainment and lavish hospitality
  • Savor a variety of the host country’s best culinary specialties

“The PATA Annual Conference provides a golden opportunity for networking, identifying potential business and understanding the current issues and trends that impact the tourism industry. It is relevant not only to PATA members but also to the industry at large, governments, the media and consumers. Through the Conference, PTA is able to fulfill its duty to educate all stakeholders on the state of travel and tourism worldwide, to help them interpret the changes happening in the world today, to prevent misconceptions and correct media announcements. The PATA Annual Conference is for everybody who values tourism as an important catalyst to cultural preservation and the fastest way to economic prosperity.”

Mr. Richard J. Gordon
Secretary, Philippine Department of Tourism
2003/2004 Chairman, Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA)

“As the premier travel industry forum for the region, the PATA Annual Conference provides unrivalled opportunities for members to exchange views on issues of common interest and concern. The knowledge and experience that participants bring with them are resources that would otherwise not be available to many of us, and I am confident that the 53rd PATA Annual Conference will open new doors of strategic significance as the industry continues its crusade to overcome recent challenges. Come join us on beautiful Jeju Island and take advantage of the networking opportunities provided by PATA.”

Mr. Nobutaka Ishikure
Chairman, PATA Japan Chapter
Executive Officer, Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.

PATA Japan Chapter - First Event of 2004

The PATA Japan Chapter held its first event of the New Year at the Hotel Grand Palace, a PATA Japan Chapter member, in Tokyo on Thursday, January 22nd. The event began with a meeting of the Board of Directors, and was followed by a presentation on general Japanese Government tourism policy, focusing on the Visit Japan Campaign and ways to make Japan a top destination for overseas tourists, by Mr. Satoru Kanazawa, Director General of the Tourism Department, Policy Bureau Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. Mr. Kanazawa's presentation was very well received, and provided much food for thought and inspiration for participants. Following Mr. Kanazawa’s presentation, Mr. Hee Soo Shin, Executive Director of the Tokyo Office of the Korea National Tourism Organization, made a presentation about the upcoming 2004 PATA Annual Conference and Korea Chapter Annual General Meeting in Jeju Island, also outlining the venue island’s principal attractions and sights. This was the first function organized jointly by the Japan and Korea PATA Chapters, and Mr. Nobutaka Ishikure, Chairman of the PATA Japan Chapter, commented that “we wish to expand on the success of this event, being involved in further activities with other neighbouring Chapters, such as the PATA China Chapter”.

The day's programme ended with an informal reception, which provided great networking opportunities for members and non-members alike. The first PATA Japan Chapter event of 2004 was attended by over 80 people, both PATA members and non-members. It is hoped that the event will encourage new members to join as they see what a fun and friendly chapter we are!

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