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PATA Japan Chapter Newsletter Vol. 12 - March ~ April 2005
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Last Chance to Register for the 54th PATA Annual Conference (PAC) in Macau
The 54th PATA Annual Conference (PAC) will be held from April 17th – 21st at the Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre in Macau. The theme of the Conference will be “Connecting Tourism's Stakeholders”, and the Conference programme offers delegates the chance to learn about major trends in travel and tourism and to network with people who lead the world's travel and tourism industry. Registration for the 54th PAC costs US$450 for PATA Members and US$1,200 for non-members. There is still time to register to attend the event, and registrations can be made online at Don't miss the chance to connect with tourism's stakeholders at the 54th PAC in Macau!

PATA Japan Chapter to hold Media Briefing at 54th PATA Annual Conference
For the third year running, the PATA Japan Chapter will hold a Media Briefing during the 54th PATA Annual Conference. This year's briefing will be held on Tuesday, April 19thfrom 15:15 to 16:00 with the theme of "Changing the face of Japanese Tourism", with a special focus placed on the "20 Million Project”. Speakers will include Mr. Naoki Fujii, Director of International Promotion at the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MLIT); Mr. Nobutaka Ishikure, Chief Industry Affairs Officer of Japan Airlines International and Chairman of the PATA Japan Chapter; and Mr. Kiyotaka Kaburaki, Chief Operating Officer of Travel Journal Inc. Last year's Media Briefing at the 53rd PAC in Jeju, Korea was very well received, with over 30 journalists from around the world attending the session. We hope that this year's session will attract even more participants, and would like to extend our welcome to journalists from around the world to the PATA Japan Chapter Media Briefing at the 54th PATA Annual Conference. We look forward to seeing you there.
Nobutaka Ishikure

Mr. Nobutaka Ishikure addressing journalists from around the world
during the PATA Japan Chapter Media Briefing at the
53rd PATA Annual Conference in Jeju, Korea

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PATA Japan Chapter and Travel Journal Inc. to donate US$6,500 to PATA Foundation's Tsunami Recovery Fund
As part of efforts to offer support to the victims of the South Asian tsunami, the PATA Japan Chapter and Travel Journal Group are to make a donation of US$6,500 to the PATA Foundation's Tsunami Recovery Fund. Unlike other recovery fund efforts, donations will be used exclusively for human resource development and training to help directly to rebuild the skills and livelihoods of tourism employees in the regions affected by the tsunami. These regions will include Sri Lanka, Sumatra, southern Thailand, southeast India, the Maldives, northwest Malaysia, Myanmar and Bangladesh. The donation will be presented to Mr. David Paulon, Chairman of the PATA Foundation Board of Trustees, during the PATA Japan Chapter Media Briefing session, held on Tuesday, April 19th, from 15:15 -16:00.
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Joint Media Familiarization Visit to Sri Lanka and the Maldives organised by the PATA Japan Chapter, PATA Sri Lanka Chapter, PATA Maldives Chapter and SriLankan Airlines successfully completed
Another initiative to support the tsunami visits, this joint media familiarization visit was successfully completed from March 26th to April 7th. A total of 11 Japanese journalists participated in the trip, visiting areas affected by the tsunami in Sri Lanka and the Maldives, as well as a number of popular hotels and attractions in the two destinations. The journalists were able to see for themselves the efforts being made by both countries to bounce back from the disaster, and it is expected that a great deal of positive media coverage for both countries will result from the trip.
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PATA Japan Chapter to donate high-tech Digital Camera to the 24th PAC Silent Auction
Following on from the success of the AIBO (SONY robot dog) donated by the PATA Japan Chapter to the Silent Auction last year, the Chapter will donate a high-tech digital camera to this year's auction. Last year, the donated AIBO made US$650 for the PATA Foundation, an independent not-for-profit organisation established and operated exclusively for charitable purposes in order to foster the development of educational and training programs within Pacific Asia countries, encourage heritage conservation, and support research for the development of tourism. The Silent Auction began in 1991, and has since then been a must-see attraction at the PAC. Donations must have a minimum value of US$300, and in the past have included tour packages, resort accommodation, airline tickets and gift items, amongst other things. We are confident that our Chapter donation this year will strengthen the image of Japan as being at the leading edge of technological developments, and expect that it will generate a considerable sum for the PATA Foundation.
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PATA Japan Chapter Chairman Mr. Nobutaka Ishikure to be sworn in as PATA Chairman 2005-2006 at the 54th PAC
PATA Japan Chapter Chairman and Chief Industry Affairs Officer of Japan Airlines Mr. Nobutaka Ishikure will be sworn in as PATA Chairman 2005-2006 at the 54th PATA Annual Conference in Macau. PATA Chairmanship revolves annually among representatives of the three industry sectors: government, industry and carriers, and will no doubt present many challenges and rewards for Mr. Ishikure throughout the year of his term. Please join us in wishing Mr. Ishikure the best for his Chairmanship, and offer your support to him throughout his term. Mr. Ishikure will be officially named Chairman during a ceremony held on Wednesday, April 20th at the 54th PAC in Macau. Please come along and offer your support to our very own, charming and dynamic PATA Japan Chapter Chairman!
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PATA Unveils New Corporate Identity
PATA has unveiled a new corporate identity as part of on-going brand repositioning. This is only the third change to the PATA logo in the association's 54-year history. For the first time, the logo incorporates PATA's full name to ensure there are no problems with comprehension. The globe has been dropped and a "stylised curve" added in a bolder shade of the familiar blue colour. PATA has also developed "sub-brand" versions for affiliated PATA organisations such as the PATA Foundation and PATA Chapters, as well as key programmes such as the PATA Gold Awards. The new PATA Japan Chapter logo can be seen at the top of this page.
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